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Puy du Fou Spain

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Puy du Fou Spain
Puy du Fou Spain
Puy du Fou Spain

Puy du Fou Spain

Inspired by the original French concept that has twice been voted "Best Park in the World", Puy du Fou Spain inaugurates a new 30-hectare world of time travel.

With Puy du Fou Spain you can live an unforgettable experience full of strong emotions with great shows for the whole family.

Visitors can be thrilled by the four daytime shows and stroll through the streets of four period villages in a natural setting of more than 30 hectares with more than 300 animals.

Puy du Fou Spain, History awaits you!

Daytime shows Puy du Fou Spain:


The year 1492. After the last interview with Queen Isabella, he boards the ship Santa Maria in search of a passage to the New World under the command of Captain Columbus. He experiences a voyage full of great hopes, storms and doubts... until he he hears the long-awaited word "LAND!

An immersive show in which you will walk through the Port of Palos before boarding one of the ships that conquered the new continent. You will pass between cabins following the rhythm of the brave sailors who ventured on this expedition. After a first stage in the Canary Islands, you will advance through the narrow ocean heading west, moving through storms and doubts...


Golden Age. It follows the adventures of the ingenious and impetuous Lope de Vega: from his combat with the corregidor's soldiers on the rooftops of Toledo, to his stellar appearance before the King, to unveil the plot that threatens the life of His Majesty.

A theatrical show set in the Golden Age, where scenes from Spain's literary history come to life, such as Fuenteovejuna, along with other historical characters, bringing to life epic scenes from the Great Armada.


In the newly conquered Castile of the 11th century, cultures, wars and loyalties intersect. In an unusual park, live and feel the exploits of a knight who gave everything for honour: this is the last song of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Cid and Campeador.

A unique play that will make you feel and live in first person the adventures and exploits of Don Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, glorious Castilian knight.


Year 939. After the great battle of Simancas, Abderramán III the Magnificent proposed a truce to the Christians. In order to accept the truce, Count Fernán González gives the Caliph a golden eagle as a sign of peace. A joust without weapons then began, a duel of splendour with hundreds of birds and birds of prey.

A duel of master falconers where you can enjoy the skills of the Arab Caliphs as opposed to the Roman-Visigoth falconry style practised by the Christian princes.


Two old friends meet again at the door of the Corral de Comedias. Both fought in Lepanto, they are true war veterans. They remember those hard times before getting lost on the road. Further on, a warrior builds a wall with his own hands. He is a survivor of Numantia. Maria de Prado also knows a lot about war. She carries heavy sacks of flour, but first she was forced to take up her sword. Anonymous stories of Spain's great deeds.


Gregorio Bartolomé Hidalgo de la Hidalguía, bailiff of the very loyal and faithful, blessed and Marian Puebla Real, is in charge of proclaiming with bugle and atabales and enforcing the land's charters. Solemn and august, he reads the edicts, announces news of the kingdom and gives all kinds of explanations. But that is, as long as you can follow him... because sometimes he is not very clear.

Evening show “El Sueño de Toledo”

Puy du Fou Spain presents the biggest show in the country: “El Sueño de Toledo”.
From the reign of Recaredo to the Navas de Tolosa, from the discovery of America to the arrival of the railway, this giant fresco thrills and transports spectators through 1,500 years of history represented by 200 actors and with spectacular special effects on a formidable 5-hectare stage.

Show not included in the general admission to the park. This show is now on sale.

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Puy du Fou Spain
Puy du Fou Spain
Puy du Fou Spain

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