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Sweet Space Madrid

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Sweet Space Madrid
Sweet Space Madrid
Sweet Space Madrid

Sweet Space Madrid

Access to a journey into the imagination that unites the traditional concept of art and new digital trends to create a unique space full of experiences... and a lot of fun! and a lot of fun!

Perfect for photos that will make your Instagram feed go wild!

A tour of 10 interactive themed installations over 2 floors that will test your senses, especially your taste buds!

11 artists have designed experiences within Sweet Space: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Okuda San Miguel, Antonyo Marest, Inés Valls, Ivanna Gautier, Ampparito, Lusesita, Fausto Amundarain, Pablo Carpio, Miju Lee and Felipao.

An amazing ice cream laboratory where you will have a 5 star degu by our friends from Pops N' Bops.

A gift shop where you can grab the perfect milkshake, ice cream sandwich, colourful sugar clouds, space waffles... and much more.

Enjoy an interactive adventure at Sweet Space, a unique space full of innovative experiences and lots of fun. Bringing together art and new digital trends, Sweet Space arrives in Madrid as the first location of a tour that will go to different parts of Europe. At Sweet Space, everything has been designed to create an inclusive and diverse environment, a human connection through the universal power of taste. You will tour themed rooms with interactive exhibits that transform concepts and dreams into spaces that inspire imagination, creativity and of course... a touch of sweetness! a touch of sweetness! Renowned artists, creatives and designers such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Okuda San Miguel have come together to exhibit selected pieces and stories that will stimulate your senses in unexpected ways. If you want to travel to this magical place, buy your tickets and get your camera ready - you're in for a classy experience!

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Sweet Space Madrid
Sweet Space Madrid
Sweet Space Madrid

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