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Tick Tick...Boom!
Tick Tick...Boom!

Tick Tick...Boom!

It's Jonathan's (Jon) 30th birthday week. His girlfriend (Susan) wants them to get married and move out of town - TICK... His best friend (Michael) has bought a BMW and is moving uptown - TICK... and John is waiting tables, trying to write the great American musical, and feeling the pressure American musical, and feeling the pressure of having to decide whether to keep fighting for his dreams or give them up for money - BOOM!

TICK, TICK... BOOM! is the autobiographical musical that Jonathan Larson wrote shortly before (or around the same time) as RENT. Set in New York in 1990, it tells the story of an young aspiring composer. He initially conceived it as a musical monologue under the title 'Boho Days'. He presented it for the first time, performed by himself, on 6 September 1990 at a workshop at the Off-Off-Broadway's Second Stage Theater. Subsequently Larson continued to revise the piece and in 1991 performed it at the Village Gate Theater and in 1992 and 1993 at the New York Theater Workshop. During this time the play changed its title to '30/90'.

After Larson's tragic death in 1996, producer Victoria Leacock commissioned David Auburn (author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play 'Proof') to study and reconfigure the play, converting it from the initial musical monologue to a one-act show with three actors. One of them plays John throughout the show, while the other two bring to life Michael (the friend) and Susan (the girlfriend) and numerous other characters.

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Tick Tick...Boom!
Tick Tick...Boom!

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