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Tutankamon, la exposición inmersiva

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Tutankamon, la exposición inmersiva
Tutankamon, la exposición inmersiva


2022 is the year of great discoveries in ancient Egypt. Not only are we celebrating 200 years since the Rosetta Stone was deciphered, thanks to which Egyptian hieroglyphs began to tell the story of a fascinating civilisation, but we are also celebrating 100 years since the greatest archaeological find of all time, the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Submerged in a mist of time that we have only partially managed to dissipate, ancient Egypt is full of treasures, tombs, temples and, above all, mysteries.

TUTANKAMON, LA EXPOSICIÓN INMERSIVA. will take you on a journey hand in hand with the Child Pharaoh into the history of an absolutely magical civilisation, from which we have inherited countless cultural elements and which, in spite of everything, continues to captivate us with the enigmas that cover the sands of its deserts and are diluted in the waters of the mighty river Nile. Its geography, the creation of myths, the pyramids and temples full of incredible colours or the exciting journey through the underworld of the deceased incarnated in the solar disc through the twelve hours of the night, are some of the secrets that will make sense when you visit TUTANKAMON, LA EXPOSICIÓN INMERSIVA.

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Tutankamon, la exposición inmersiva
Tutankamon, la exposición inmersiva

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Is Tutankamon, la exposición inmersiva exhibition suitable for everyone?

Yes, it is ideal to visit with family or friends.

Where is Tutankamon, la exposición inmersiva?

Tutankamon, la exposición inmersiva, awaits you at Matarero Madrid's hall 16.

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